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Illuminated works 2004-2019

I began gilding paper in 2003.

Inspired by glimpses of glitter while sitting in the silence of the early dawn in my garden. I tried to find a way to reveal that other-worldy light in my work. Reaching back into my roots as a jewelry designer, I began to powder gold leafing and mix it into my paint.

Over time I began to gild the works and found a silence in the metal that was more revealing than the garden at the break of dawn.

The illuminated works have taken me deeper into the exploration of the natural world and light; which is the bridge that connects all my work.

Technical Note: it is almost impossible to reproduce these paintings, therefore there are very limited amount of prints in existence, which were made from 2005-2009. The majority of this work has not been photographed. In 2018 I decided to stop all attempts at reproductions . Only original works are for sale