American artist Rachel Tribble’s award winning dream-like paintings are recognized for their meditative quality as experiments in color and light.

In 2019 Rachel reached farther into the hidden layers of color in her work, deepening the hypnotic quality, while focusing on peacefulness and the human connection with the Earth, sky, and the universes.  

Traditionally trained in fine art and design, Rachel’s work took on a more surrealistic edge in the early 90’s. She left the world of design behind and moved into the alternative venues of rock nightclubs and raves.  She produced visual and sound environments, performance art and multi-media installations that focused on the esoteric, social, and environmental issues.  

In the late 90's Rachel took a hiatus from her life as a professional artist to live and work within the Native American community where she entered an inspiring journey that took her deeper into the natural world. 

Inspired by the Aninshenabe and Lakota people, she set forth on a body of work that would redefine her ability to ask the viewer to look deeper within the work and in turn, find peacefulness in the space.  

In the 2000’s Rachel’s work has been featured in art books, national magazines, shown at Art Miami, and gifted to nominees of the Academy Awards, the Emmy Awards, and the MTV Movie Awards.  In 2008, her work for the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival poster won the IFEA Gold Pinnacle Award for the Walt Disney Company.   She has also been awarded the Atlanta Design Center’s Visual Display Award and continues to be a participating artist in the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts at Walt Disney World.

"Although there is a conspicuous ebullience to Tribble’s artwork, the matter of fact is that many of her pieces dive into layers of our existence that aren’t quite apparent. Tribble’s devotion to meditating, this serenity in nature that she keeps in her everyday, makes a huge mark on the way that she crafts her artwork. The reflection doesn’t end with an idea to create– it seeps onto the page, this post meditative ponder, etching Tribble’s ideology onto the canvas”. ~Huffington Post

“With my art, my mission is to bring some light into the world. Peaceful silliness, that is where I am. Sometimes my art is calm and sometimes its just funny." ~ rachel tribble